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BLK DNM Incorporates Blockchain Innovation for Next-Level Connected Fashion

Swedish-American brand BLK DNM unveils the first-ever connected fashion utilizing blockchain, allowing each garment a unique and recordable identity in both physical and virtual worlds.

Swedish-American fashion label BLK DNM has unveiled the first-ever instance of connected fashion (garments that exist both physically and virtually, each aspect 'twinned' via technology). This innovation comes with the launch of BLK DNM Society and the incorporation of blockchain-powered hardware and software into its products.

BLK DNM Society, built on ChromaWay's technology, provides each garment with a unique, recordable identity in both physical and virtual worlds. It rewards ethical behavior and grants brand influence to owners. Blockchain-powered 'digital garment ID' microchips will give each item a unique identity and a record of its history.

The hardware component of BLK DNM Society, these digital garment IDs will first be introduced in BLK DNM's Fall/Winter 2023 collection. Features of the digital garment IDs include authentication of the garment as genuine, rewarding responsible behaviors, recording each garment's unique history, serving as a digital ticket for entry to events, and granting access to and voting rights within BLK DNM Society.

BLK DNM Society, the first example of connected fashion, is a community of BLK DNM owners. Members are connected virtually by their physical items, rewarded for responsible behaviors, and granted voting rights on key brand decisions. The digital garment IDs create a 'digital reflection' of the physical garment, which can also be worn in the metaverse.

The digital garment IDs will be revealed at BLK DNM’s FW event in Paris on June 21st. For this first collection, the chips will be embedded only in leather items, with more to come in future collections.

Henrik Hjelte, CEO and Co-founder of ChromaWay, notes the unprecedented nature of this venture, explaining how it can transform people's relationships with the clothes they wear and the brands they buy.

Toni Collin, CEO of BLK DNM, emphasizes the brand's philosophy of community and timeless design. He expresses hope that by embedding intelligence into each item, the industry can be inspired to join them in using connected fashion to promote sustainability.

BLK DNM specializes in timeless tailoring, leather, and denim of extraordinary quality. Under the stewardship of new Creative Director Jessy Heuvelink, BLK DNM encourages customers to treasure each item for decades.

ChromaWay, an industry leader in blockchain technology, creates and deploys cutting-edge, scalable blockchain solutions for businesses and governments. Its flagship product, Chromia, offers unprecedented scalability and flexibility.