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Bandai Namco Introduces Blockchain-based AI-Powered Virtual Pet Game, RYUZO

Bandai Namco Research, in collaboration with Oasys and Attructure, has introduced RYUZO, an AI-powered blockchain game featuring virtual pets. This venture marks the gaming giant's entrance into the blockchain gaming industry.

Bandai Namco Enters Blockchain Gaming with RYUZO

Gaming behemoth Bandai Namco, famous for popular franchises such as Pac-Man and Tekken, has stepped into the realm of blockchain gaming. In collaboration with blockchain network Oasys and Japanese startup Attructure, Bandai Namco Research has launched an AI-powered virtual pet game called RYUZO.

RYUZO is reminiscent of Tamagotchis, the popular virtual pet game of the 90s. In RYUZO, players raise and interact with their virtual pets, known as RYU. What sets RYUZO apart is its use of artificial intelligence for a more sophisticated and interactive gaming experience. Each RYU, once hatched, becomes a soulbound token. This feature ensures its uniqueness and prohibits its transfer or sale.

RYU creatures possess distinct personalities and acquire different abilities influenced by user interactions. Thanks to AI, players can feed and race their pets, observing them learn and grow. The game enables players to develop entire generations of pets within the app!

Before the game's official launch, 10,000 digital NFT eggs, referred to as MARYU, were given to holders of Oasys' first series of NFTs in the "Oasyx" project. This move stirred excitement among the gaming community. The nurturing phase of the game is projected to continue for a year, providing an enduring and evolving experience for players.

Oasys has also announced future collaborations with notable game projects, including a crossover event with the popular blockchain game Brave Frontier Heroes. This indicates a promising future for blockchain gaming and teases more engaging NFT releases.

Bandai Namco's entry into the blockchain gaming realm is a testament to the industry's rising interest in embracing Web3 technology. Other leading game publishers, such as Ubisoft, are also creating their own blockchain games, demonstrating the growing potential of this pioneering gaming arena.