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Band Protocol Partners with Bitgert Chain: Powering Developers with Real-World Data

Band Protocol, a leading cross-chain decentralized oracle, has partnered with Bitgert Chain, offering developers real-world data with zero gas charges. This integration expands the possibilities of blockchain applications.

Band Protocol, a significant player in the cross-chain decentralized oracle space, has announced an exciting new integration with Bitgert Chain. The company shared via its official Twitter channel that Bitgert Chain is a noteworthy blockchain ecosystem offering zero gas fees. More importantly, the integration fuses the capabilities of blockchain technology with Band Protocol's secure, real-world data.

According to a blog post released by Band Protocol, this collaboration creates unique possibilities and opportunities for the platform. The company noted its established position within the industry, having effectively linked APIs and real-world data to smart contracts.

With the mainnet integration of Bitgert Chain, developers now have access to a wide variety of real-world data sources, including weather, sports, and more. This offers unlimited potential to the Bitgert ecosystem. Furthermore, this empowers developers to create unique applications, intriguing NFT marketplaces, and DeFi solutions.

The robust agenda of Band Protocol allows developers to build custom oracles using Web Assembly, seamlessly integrating traditional web APIs and smart contracts. This powerful functionality equips Bitgert Chain-based developers with the tools they need to link smart contracts to a wide array of external data sources, thus bringing flexibility and dynamism to their applications.