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Axelar and Microsoft Form Partnership to Enhance Web3 Integration and Intelligence

Axelar and Microsoft partner to develop a data integration and interoperability layer to boost blockchain adoption. Their collaboration aims to unlock new growth opportunities for developers and businesses.

Axelar Partners With Microsoft to Bolster Web3 Integration

Axelar and Microsoft are joining forces to propel blockchain adoption by developing a data integration and interoperability layer. The partnership aims to enable seamless blockchain integration for a wide range of users, from enterprises to Web3 startups, by linking isolated networks and simplifying intricate integrations.

The market currently offers limited solutions for developers and organizations wishing to facilitate seamless interoperability across multiple blockchain ecosystems. By merging Axelar's secure cross-chain communication network with Microsoft Azure's global reach, the collaboration intends to enhance the Web3 experience for developers and users alike.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace customers will benefit from the partnership in several ways, including:

  • Access to an end-to-end, secure, and programmable blockchain interoperability solution.
  • Services and developer tools via AxelarJS SDK, automating multi-chain deployments for interchain-native Web3 applications.
  • Axelar General Message Passing (GMP), allowing developers to integrate functionality and network effects, irrespective of the blockchains or databases hosting them.

Daniel An, Microsoft Web3 & AI's director of business development, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration and the potential to expedite blockchain integration, bringing value to their customers. The partnership aims to empower organizations to embrace blockchain technology, revolutionizing their operations.

Additionally, Axelar and Microsoft plan to explore innovative solutions to elevate the maturity of the Web3 industry. Possible avenues include seamlessly connecting private with public blockchains and harnessing Azure OpenAI services to create entirely new experiences in Web3.

Axelar co-founder Sergey Gorbunov expressed the shared vision that inspired the partnership with Microsoft, stating that their mission is to make the innovation on leading blockchains easily accessible and effortless to deploy for a new generation of interchain-native Web3 apps. With Microsoft, Axelar is now also able to explore other new frontiers in Web3, such as blockchain-enabled Open AI services and the integration of AI in future Web3 applications.