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Arkham Intel Exchange: A Revolutionary Intel-to-Earn Blockchain Platform

Arkham Intel is set to launch Arkham Intel Exchange, an innovative intel-to-earn platform on the blockchain. The marketplace connects buyers and sellers of intelligence via any cryptocurrency wallet address.

Blockchain Pioneer Arkham Intel to Launch Intel-to-Earn Platform.

Arkham Intel has announced the launch of their project, Arkham Intel Exchange, the first intelligence marketplace ever built on a blockchain. Going live on July 18th, 2023, this revolutionary platform connects buyers and sellers of intelligence using any cryptocurrency wallet address.

The Intel Exchange employs a unique bounty mechanism to connect buyers and sellers of on-chain intelligence. Here, buyers post bounties soliciting information from the community, and bounty hunters claim these by providing the required information.

Users can create a bounty by securing funds and requesting specific data about cryptocurrency addresses or entities. This gives rise to an "intel-to-earn" model, where anyone with access to sensitive information about a wallet or its owner can sell this data to other users, either at a fixed price or through an auction system.

The Arkham Foundation verifies all Intel submissions. Post-verification, the users who funded the bounties enjoy exclusive 90-day access to the purchased or sold intelligence. After this period, the data is published on the Arkham platform, ensuring the requested information is not permanently restricted, but also gives the buyer ample time to utilize it.