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Ankr, Matter Labs to Enable zkSync Era Nodes & Hyperchains on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Web3 developer hub Ankr and Matter Labs are partnering to launch dedicated zkSync Era Nodes and Hyperchain blockchain solutions on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The collaboration aims to boost Web3 development and drive enterprise blockchain adoption.

Ankr, Matter Labs Team Up for zkSync on Azure Marketplace

Ankr, a leading Web3 developer hub, and Matter Labs, creators of the zkSync Era, have unveiled an exciting partnership to launch dedicated zkSync Era Nodes and Hyperchain blockchain solutions on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The collaboration aims to fast-track Web3 development and bolster enterprise adoption by offering easy access to scalable blockchain infrastructure.

Ankr’s offerings on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, initiated in June through a partnership with Microsoft, will now include the latest solutions for the zkSync Era network. This partnership combines Ankr’s bespoke solutions, the scalable zkSync Era blockchain network, and Microsoft’s sturdy cloud infrastructure.

The service to deploy zkSync Era nodes will offer global blockchain connectivity, allowing enterprises and Web3 projects to connect to zkSync Era or develop Web3 applications on its zkEVM Ethereum Layer-2 scaling protocol. Additionally, the forthcoming zkSync Era Hyperchains solution will empower enterprises to promptly create and launch their custom Hyperchain blockchains, providing full customization to meet their privacy, performance, and security needs.

Ankr’s team will provide all-inclusive engineering support to aid these enterprises in implementing their Web3 strategies. Chandler Song, Co-Founder and CEO of Ankr, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, saying it removes obstacles for businesses to begin building their Web3 initiatives.

Marco Cora, SVP of Business and Operations at Matter Labs, highlighted the potential of this infrastructure collaboration between Ankr, Microsoft Azure, and zkSync Era to lower the barrier to entry and ignite enterprise blockchain adoption.

The collaboration aims to accelerate Web3 adoption, following a meeting at the Interop Summit during ETHDenver. Ankr, zkSync, and Microsoft representatives will also co-host an event at the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Paris on July 19.

By offering a wide range of tools and resources for building Web3 applications, Ankr streamlines blockchain development for a variety of use cases. Through this partnership, Ankr, Matter Labs, and Microsoft Azure aim to accelerate Web3 development while ensuring top-notch performance, scalability, and security. This collaboration is expected to significantly advance Web3 development and drive enterprise adoption of blockchain technology.