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Ankr Expands Support to Sei Blockchain with RPC Services, Paving the Way for Seamless User Interaction

Ankr announces the extension of its RPC services to the Sei blockchain, streamlining user interactions and enabling easy access to blockchain data, aligning with the trend of user-friendly blockchain experiences.

Ankr Expands Support to Sei Blockchain with RPC Services

Ankr takes a significant step towards enhancing user interactions with blockchain networks by extending its support to the Sei blockchain through Remote Procedure Call (RPC) services. RPC services play a pivotal role as intermediaries, enabling users to effortlessly engage with blockchain networks. With Ankr's RPC services seamlessly integrated into the Sei blockchain, users can anticipate a frictionless experience when accessing Sei's public and enhanced RPC.

This integration brings a substantial advantage, as it empowers users to make request calls to the Sei blockchain, yielding outcomes similar to running their independent full Sei nodes. This implies that individuals and developers can swiftly and efficiently access critical information from the Sei blockchain without the necessity for extensive infrastructure or technical know-how.

Ankr's dedication to delivering RPC services for Sei aligns with the overarching industry trend of fostering user-friendly interactions with blockchain technology. By simplifying access to Sei's blockchain data, Ankr not only elevates the user experience but also extends its accessibility to a broader audience.

The integration of Ankr's RPC services with Sei ensures that users can effortlessly retrieve information and execute tasks on the blockchain, spanning from querying transaction data to engaging with decentralized applications (dApps). This strategic move is poised to reshape the landscape of user interactions with blockchain networks, making blockchain technology more approachable and user-centric.