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Affitrum Unveils Groundbreaking AI and Blockchain Solution to Combat Ad Fraud

Affitrum brings forth an innovative AI and blockchain solution to tackle the $450 billion ad fraud problem. The new technology aims to ensure transparency, trust, and efficiency in digital advertising.

Affitrum Targets Ad Fraud with AI and Blockchain Solution.

Ad fraud, costing the advertising industry an estimated $450 billion, has emerged as a significant challenge. In response, Affitrum has announced its AI and blockchain solution to address this widespread problem. By combining AI algorithms and blockchain technology, Affitrum's system can analyze vast data amounts with remarkable accuracy, effectively detecting and preventing fraudulent activities.

In addition, the integration of blockchain technology, particularly the TRUM Blockchain, allows advertisers and publishers to verify the authenticity and integrity of ad impressions, clicks, and conversions. This creates a trustworthy environment within the advertising industry by eliminating potential for data manipulation or falsification.

Affitrum's suite of unique features and benefits, including continuous ad traffic monitoring and advanced AI algorithms, sets a new industry standard. The system also features the Affitrum Protocol, a protocol that includes four powerful decentralized applications (dApps) for enhanced yield generation and seamless advertising experiences.

Launching its Public Presale on July 15th, Affitrum is actively seeking a CEX listing with the MEXC exchange. By adopting the Ethereum ERC20 standard, the company ensures compatibility and accessibility across multiple platforms and exchanges.