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aelf Introduces aelevate Program to Boost Blockchain Game Development

aelf, a leading layer-1 blockchain, launches aelevate, a program designed to help Web2 gaming studios transition into the Web3 space and boost blockchain game development.

aelf's aelevate Program: A Leap for Blockchain Game Development

Leading layer-1 blockchain, aelf, has launched aelevate, a pioneering program to help Web2 gaming studios transition into the Web3 space. Aelevate aims to aid in the development of blockchain games by offering up to US$150,000 per studio for developers to integrate, build, and launch their games on the aelf network.

Given the projections for substantial growth in the blockchain gaming industry, the interest of traditional Web2 gaming studios in the Web3 space is expected. The aelevate program is designed to support this transition by providing financial, technological, and business support. Successful applicants will receive industry guidance and insights into blockchain technology, interoperability, user acquisition and retention, game publishing, and cloud and AI.

aelf's high-performance, scalable, secure blockchain infrastructure will be accessible to studios, providing lightweight and open-sourced software development kits (SDKs) for aelf's mainnet. This will enable games to interact with aelf's mainchain and sidechains, as well as SDK for aelf's native contract account (CA) wallet – Portkey, which supports the transaction and management of in-game digital assets (NFTs/Tokens).

Head of Commercial at aelf, Tavia Wong, shared that aelevate is a pioneering initiative to support Web2 gaming studios transitioning into the Web3 space. The goal is to eliminate the barriers studios face in integrating blockchain technology into their games, particularly in the current challenging crypto climate. Through aelevate, aelf is pledging support for the Web3 gaming space by providing crucial infrastructural support and expert industry guidance.

The aelevate program application is now open and will close on 30 September 2023, with the first round of grants scheduled to be awarded in October 2023.