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Bunzz Launches DeCipher: A ChatGPT-Powered Tool for Smart Contract Documentation

Singapore-based tech company, Bunzz, releases DeCipher, a cutting-edge AI tool powered by ChatGPT that aids in generating precise smart contract documentation. The tool is a game-changer for developers, investors, and web3 business owners.

Bunzz Unveils DeCipher: AI Tool for Smart Contract Docs

Singapore-based tech company, Bunzz, has rolled out "DeCipher", an innovative AI-powered solution designed to streamline the process of creating documentation for smart contracts. This one-click tool caters to developers creating DApps from existing contracts, traders and investors seeking to comprehend intricate DeFi protocols, and web3 product business owners.

DeCipher harnesses the power of advanced AI models, ChatGPT3.5 and 4, fine-tuned specifically for scrutinizing smart contracts. The outcome is a 'smart contract-specialized GPT', a tool of remarkable precision that has earned the endorsement of the Bunzz team. This novel fine-tuning approach is currently in the process of patent approval, underlining Bunzz's dedication to groundbreaking technology.

Adding to the surprises, DeCipher has also concurrently launched a Chrome Extension. With this, users can generate documents directly from the contract page in Block Explorer. While comparable to Etherscan's new feature, "Code Reader," DeCipher stands out by being free, compatible with other major Block Explorers, and by its superior documentation accuracy. DeCipher is supported on numerous Block Explorers, including Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon Mainnet, and BSC Mainnet among others.

Creating documentation with DeCipher is a breeze: developers simply copy and paste the contract's URL. Continuous accessibility is guaranteed via the Bunzz Chrome Extension, compatible with major Block Explorers. DeCipher's benefits extend beyond smart contract analysis. Using the Bunzz CLI, developers can modify and deploy contracts post-analysis, and even deploy them to all EVM-compatible blockchains, a massive efficiency boost for those creating new applications.

The Bunzz ecosystem further sweetens the deal. Forked smart contracts can be seamlessly deployed across all EVM-compatible chains via the Bunzz interface. These contracts then become new modules in the public Bunzz repository, a treasure trove for DApp developers. In an exciting upcoming development, Bunzz aims to establish a tokenomics system rewarding module creators based on usage frequency, akin to a web3 version of Docker Hub.

Bunzz is also thrilled to introduce Bunzz v2, a cutting-edge DApp development environment comprising DeCipher, Bunzz CLI, a repository, and a deployment environment. This groundbreaking package facilitates easy modularization and editing of all blockchain-deployed contracts using Bunzz CLI, and secure deployment via Metamask, a first in web3 history.

The Bunzz team eagerly awaits feedback from web3 developers testing out DeCipher's impressive features. Please reach out to us at for inquiries, feedback, or product demonstrations.

Beyond being a development tool, DeCipher envisions a larger role. By offering the extensive contract data generated from document creation in an AI-friendly data structure, it aims to create an ecosystem connecting various AI services atop its "Machine-Readable Contract Layer".