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Pendle Finance Integrates with Chainlink to Boost Yield Management on Arbitrum and Optimism Mainnets

Pendle Finance partners with Chainlink to provide robust price feeds for yield management on Arbitrum and Optimism. The integration aims to deliver accurate, secure conversions for liquidity providers and crypto traders.

Pendle Finance and Chainlink Partner for Enhanced Yield Management

In a significant move that sets new standards for yield management in decentralized finance (DeFi), Pendle Finance has announced its integration with Chainlink Price Feeds. This partnership aims to facilitate sophisticated yield management strategies for liquidity providers and crypto traders, particularly on the Arbitrum and Optimism mainnets.

By collaborating with Chainlink, the leading provider of Web3 services, Pendle Finance aims to enhance its DeFi offerings with industry-standard pricing data. Chainlink Price Feeds will be used for accurate conversions of ETH liquid staking assets like rETH and stETH within Pendle Finance's liquidity pools.

Pendle Finance employs a unique mechanism allowing users to split their yield-generating assets into the original principal and generated yield. This is akin to the concept of stripped bonds and enables advanced trading and investment strategies, made possible by Chainlink’s real-time, accurate price data.

Chainlink Price Feeds are renowned for their high-quality data, sourced from premium data aggregators and secured by a network of rigorously reviewed, independent oracle nodes. This level of robust security and data accuracy makes Chainlink a go-to partner for major DeFi projects.

The integration of Pendle Finance with Chainlink marks a significant milestone for DeFi, opening up new vistas for secure, transparent, and advanced yield management. TN Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of Pendle, extolled Chainlink's unparalleled security measures as a cornerstone for the growth of Pendle's staked ETH offerings.