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Horizen Collaborates with Tatum to Streamline Dapp Development on EON Platform

Horizen partners with Tatum to revolutionize decentralized app development on its EON platform. The collaboration focuses on easing blockchain integration through Tatum's tools.

Horizen and Tatum Join Forces to Simplify Dapp Development on EON Platform

Horizen, a trailblazing platform known for scalability and interoperability, has announced a strategic partnership with Tatum. This collaboration aims to simplify dapp development on Horizen's EON platform.

This partnership emphasizes streamlining JavaScript capabilities, RPC nodes, and blockchain data retrieval through APIs. Tatum brings to the table its specialization in simplifying blockchain operations, offering immense benefits to EON.

Tatum’s JavaScript SDK is among the various features that developers can leverage. It helps in streamlining app development by providing user-friendly frameworks and tools for adding blockchain features.

Developers can utilize Tatum's support for cross-chain interactions, allowing EON-based dapps to communicate with other blockchains like Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon.

EON developers can now easily access vital blockchain data such as token balances, transaction tracking, and interoperability features thanks to the API functionalities.

Rob Viglione, the co-founder of Horizen, mentioned, "This is a monumental step towards creating a more dynamic blockchain ecosystem." On the other hand, Jiri Kobelka, the CEO of Tatum, said, "Our partnership will drive the next wave of blockchain innovations."

Horizen’s EON, an EVM-compatible smart contract platform, is a layer-2 solution using Horizen's Zendoo protocol for creating scalable and interoperable blockchains. The technology is already live on its mainnet and public testnet, Gobi.

The collaboration between Horizen and Tatum will not only make dapp development easier but also accelerate blockchain innovation by reducing the technical time involved.

The Horizen and Tatum partnership is a game-changer in the blockchain development space. With the integration of user-friendly tools and cross-chain capabilities, EON is setting the stage for rapid, efficient, and inclusive dapp development.