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De.Fi Antivirus Tool Launches on zkSync Era Mainnet for Enhanced Crypto Security

De.Fi debuts its antivirus tool on zkSync Era blockchain, safeguarding users against prevalent crypto threats like phishing and smart contract flaws. This comes in the wake of traders losing over $300 million to hacks.

De.Fi Boosts Crypto Security with Antivirus Tool on zkSync Era Mainnet

In a move signaling heightened emphasis on crypto security, De.Fi unveiled its cutting-edge antivirus tool on the zkSync Era blockchain. This launch, industry experts suggest, couldn't have come at a more crucial time, considering the rampant cyber threats that plagued the crypto world, costing traders a staggering $300 million last month alone.

The De.Fi antivirus tool, more than just a security feature, is a guardian for crypto enthusiasts, shielding them against menacing threats like phishing, vulnerabilities in smart contracts, and blind signing, to name a few.

By effortlessly linking their wallets or inputting smart contract addresses on the De.Fi platform, users gain a protective shield. It's like having a real-time surveillance system. zkSync Era patrons can, with the flick of a switch, discern potential threats across any token, NFT, or trading vault that zkSync houses. What makes it a formidable security measure is its claim to persistently monitor over 30,000 smart contracts on zkSync Era, staying ever vigilant for emergent threats.

Marco Cora, the Senior VP at Matter Labs – the brains behind zkSync – aptly encapsulated the ethos of the crypto world, emphasizing that with the unmatched freedom that permissionless protocols bring, comes an onus. An onus to act responsibly, to be wary, especially in an open ecosystem like Ethereum and zkSync Era. He underscored the significance of vigilance in navigating the treacherous waters of the crypto realm, where scams often lurk in shadows.

With De.Fi's latest offering, crypto aficionados can trade with a tad more peace of mind, knowing there's a vigilant guardian watching over.